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Coca Cola Cup 2016 in Volos Football Land

Volos Football Land, welcomed for the fifth consecutive year the Coca Cola Cup 2016 Prefecture finals, of Magnesia, and for the first time the Regional Finals of Central Greece.

Truth be told, this success did not happen overnight. For five years in the row Volos Football Land broke all National records in terms of teams-participations and event-organization.

To the matter at hand:
Coca Cola Cup - Hellas is the most prestigious National Tournament, sponsored by Coca Cola, which is carried out throughout Greece; this year (2016) in 17 different cities. The age range that is participating varies from 13 to 19 years old football players.

In regards to the Prefecture of Magnesia (city of Volos) the Coca Cola Cup Hellas is organized and carried out in the facilities of Volos Football Land (Greece's Top Private Football Facilities).

During the Prefecture Finals three things stood out:

First, all teams that participated were exemplary according to the principles of Fair Play.

Second, the football level that was demonstrated from the young players was extraordinary.

Finally, and the most impressive of all, is the number of football teams that joined the Cup in Volos. The number: 250 teams; in other terms, roughly 2000 football players, comprising 250 teams, clashed in Volos Football Land. Add to that the people that came to see the games (friends, parents etc.; meaning thousands of people visiting Volos Football Land) you should get an idea of what went on in Volos Football Land.

Moreover, the 250 barrier set another National record by breaking last year's records by an increase of 25% (and guess what; Volos Football Land was the one holding that record as well). In other words, Volos Football Land broke Volos Football Land's National record; interesting isn't it?!

The outcome of the Prefecture Finals:

The Prefecture-Finals have ended and from the 250 teams, only 6 (!) got the ticket for next week's Regional Finals.

The six teams that made it to the Regional Finals are as follows:

Age Group of 13-14:

Livercool (MVP Akrivopoulos Vasilis)
Bocha Juniors (in Greek Translation, it means Smelly Juniors - nice pun)

Age Group of 15-16:

Genslerbirligi (MVP Kotoulas Apostolos)
Kiss my Pass

Age Group of 17-19:

420 FC (ACE16 Mathaiou Aggelos)

Coca Cola Cup 2016 - Regional Finals in Volos Football Land

(for the full report Click Here)

Today, during the Regional Finals, the 16 top football teams from four Prefectures clashed in Volos Football Land to get the ticket that will open the doors for the National Finals in Athens on May 14-15.

So as for a team to make it to the National Finals, first, it has to pass the Prefectures stage and afterwards, the phase of the Regional Finals. Only the team that will be able to claim the top of the Regional finals will be able to get the ticket for the National Finals where the winners of all Regions will clash against each other; so as for only one team to become the National Champion.

Or as the famous saying from Highlander goes: "There can be only one!"

(Click "play-button" below to watch the video of the Coca Cola Cup 2016 - Regional Finals).

Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4" Open Format: "OGG"

Concerning the Regional Finals of Thessaly (Central Greece):

18 teams arrived today in Volos Football Land (6 teams for each of the 3 age groups). A sunny day embraced their endeavour and Helios himself was watching the games to see which team will become the champion of the respective age group. The Process:

The 6 teams (of each age group) are divided in 2 groups of 3 teams; in which all three play against each other. The first 2 teams advance to the next stage.

Next, the first team of each group plays against the second team of the other group in knock-out games; in other words the winner advances to the finals while the loser goes home.

Next, the remaining two teams clash in the big Final and the winner advances to the National Finals and gets the ticket for Athens.

The Winners:

Age Group of 13-14: Aititoi (aka Invincible)

Age Group of 15-16: Aligistoi (aka Unbendable)

Age Group of 17-19: Vikings

Never before have three teams, from the same city, won the Regional Finals and advanced to the National Finals (another National record set by Volos Football Land after breaking the 250 teams barrier)!!!

Is should be noted that all three teams that made it to the National Finals in Athens are coming from the city of Larisa.

We hope to all three Regional Champions from Thessaly best of luck and that they will climb to the top and become the National Champions of Greece.

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