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FC Barcelona visits Volos Football Land

Yes everyone, and concerning the title, you read correctly!!!

FC BARCELONA (the world's top football club) will visit ERMIS FC / Volos Football Land from: 08/08/2016 until 12/08/2016.

What, bad tongues do not believe us?

Well, think again and visit the OFFICIAL link: Click Here

Now, let us proceed to some more specific details about FC Barcelona visiting us:

The above mentioned camp is executed through the so called FC Barcelona's Escola.

What is FC Barcelona's Escola?

In a nutshell and in very very very simple terms, it is FC Barcelona's Football Academies International Division.

The age spectrum, of the football players, that will be allowed to participate in the above mentioned camp is between: 6 - 18 years old.


There is a limit of how many football players will be allowed to participate in the specific camp.

Meaning that once that number (aka limit) is reached NO MORE players will be allowed to enter.

Why is that?

Hey, it's FC Barcelona so they pretty much do not come for sightseeing but for business; and they do mean business when it comes down to football.

And to make sure that everything goes as FC Barcelona's HQ wants it to go they are also sending over their Football Academy's coaches and Technical Advisors.

To sum it up for the present article:

Currently there is a lot going on in regards to ERMIS FC - Football Academies and Volos Football Land; grandiose things some may say.

A hint you may ask?

Well, all we will say for the time being is: Take a look at the picture below!

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