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Weekend 1

Weekend 2 - Regional Finals

Finals of Central Greece and the Time for Athens

On Saturday noon, March 11 of 2017, the games of the prestigious Coca Cola Cup kicked off in Volos Football Land.

The weather conditions: completely messed up… it was raining all morning and god Aeolus (the god of the Winds) was having a blast all morning – by making things more difficult for everyone…

Nevertheless, goddess Fortuna smiled upon us and eventually weather conditions became more tolerable.

As a result, here in Volos, 100+ teams entered the Coca Cola Cup 2017 – in day 1.

On Sunday, the Coca Cola Cup 2017 - day 2, another 80+ teams entered the national tournament; thus, boosting the number of the teams gathered, for the first two days, close to 200.

So, what happened the first two days and what will follow next?

All teams were divided based on two criteria:

Criterion 1: the Age-group.

Criterion 2: After the previous step was completed, the teams were split into groups of 4.

And only the team that finished first from each group (based on the second criterion) advanced to the finals of the Prefecture.

Nevertheless, all teams that did not make it through the preliminaries will be given one more chance to make it to the finals.

Coming Saturday, May 18th, they will have a last shot… they must fight harder for the last few remaining spots.

The numbers of teams, new and old, that are continue to show up for registration have turned our guys from the “registration-booth” into hyperdrive-mode.

What follows next?

Saturday, May 18th: Preliminary games will be carried out for the last tickets that will lead to the finals.

Sunday, May 19th: The finals of the Prefecture will take place. The winner of each Age-Group (total: 3 teams) will receive the ticket for the finals of Central Greece); which will take place on Sunday, the 2nd of April – here in Volos Football Land.

Finals of all of Central Greece:

The winners of the Prefectures will gather here in Volos Football Land, from all around of Central Greece, to duke it out…

The winner of each Age-Group will receive the ticket for the National Finals; aka only 3 teams in total.

Still confused?

In other terms, only the winner (of each Age-Group) will receive the ticket and be granted the ultimate experience of the National Finals, coming May in Athens.

(Click "play-button" below to watch the video of the Coca Cola Cup 2017 - Regional Finals, Week 1 ).

And from all the teams that will enter the tournament from the preliminaries phase, that will make it to the Regional finals, up to the Central Greece’s finals – only 3 will advance to the National Finals!

To conclude, as a saying goes: “It can only be one”… Highlander

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Weekend 2 and the Regional Finals

After the second weekend, of the prefecture games in Volos Football Land, over 1500 youngsters entered the competition of the prestigious Coca Cola Cup 2017.

The games were powerful and filled with passion.

What is more, the team called "Getsebirlingi" wrote its own history, in the pages of the Coca Cola Cup, due to the fact that the team managed to advance to Central’s Greece Finals for the third consecutive year!

In the age groups of 15-16 and 17-19 years old players, the competition was so enormous that most of the games had to be decided through the penalty elimination process.

In contrast to the aforementioned groups, in the age group of 13-14, the penalty elimination process was almost completely absent.

Moreover, ADIDAS awarded the best players, of each age-group, with a pair of X17/ΑCE 17 football boots!

The MVPs are the following players:

Age-group of 13-14: Αναστάσιος Μπουμπούκης (Anastasios Bouboukis), Team: Πανεξευτελιακός

Age-group of 15-16: Χρήστος Κουτσονίκος (Christos Koutsonikos), Team: PAP Crew

Age-group of 17-19: Ρωμανός Αλεξανδρίδης (Romanos Alexandros), Team: Getsebirlingi

During the Regional Finals, the teams that managed to rise to the top, and advance to the Finals of Central Greece are:

For the Age-group of 13-14:



For the Age-group of 15-16:


Pap Crew

For the Age-group of 17-19:

Από το Γνωστό


These six teams which made it to the top in Volos, will play against all top football teams, from Central Greece, that were able to qualify through the Reginal Finals, on the 2nd of April.

In other words, a total of 16 teams will meet in Volos Football Land, to duke it out; and only 3 teams (one of each age group) will receive the precious ticket for the National Finals, in Athens.

(Click "play-button" below to watch the video of the Coca Cola Cup 2017 - Regional Finals, Week 2 ).

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The Finals of Central Greece And the Time for Athens

On April the second, of 2017, the time had come for the best of the best to clash against each other.

From all regions of Central Greece the best football teams collided in Volos Football Land so as for the victorious one to arise.

The games were passionate, fierce and no team was willing to give an inch away without a tremendous fight.

Their objective: to get the ticket to the National Finals in Athens for coming May.

In Detail:

Age-group of 13-14:

The two teams that made it to the finals were: Θύελλα Λάρισας vs Γιούβεντους.

Even though both teams were on equal standing, yet, the team Θύελλα Λάρισας was the one to make the most of the chances it was given.

The final score:

Θύελλα Λάρισας – Γιούβεντους 4-1

(the players that scored: Θεοχάρης, Μπάγκας, Νταϊάκης Χ2 – Αφεντίτσας).

Age-group of 15-16:

The two teams that made it to the finals were: Μπαρτζώκ – Τραχανοπλαγιάδες.

In contrast to the younger age group, this game was mostly characterized by very tough one-on-one battles. No one was willing to allow the other team to score.

Eventually, the team Μπαρτζώκ was able to score the winning goal right before the end of the game.

Outcome: Μπαρτζώκ – Τραχανοπλαγιάδες 1-0

(the player that scored: Γιουρούκης).

The winners of the aforementioned age group came from the city of Larisa.

Age-group of 17-19:

In this age group history was meant to be written once again.

The two teams that clashed in the finals were: Gentzlerbirligi – Τιμωροί.

The team Gentzlerbirligi (from Volos) inserted its name with golden letters in the history books of the Coca Cola Cup. The reason, they managed for 3 consecutive years to win the Regional Finals and to advance to the finals of Central Greece.

In their way, and so as to continue their success story, was the team Τιμωροί (translated in English: The Punishers).

This match stood out from all the previous finals.

The reason?

Not only were both teams fighting like crazy… they were running their guts out… they were pushing with everything they had, surpassing their own limits – braking one limit after the other…

No one was willing to lose… everyone was willing to sacrifice everything for the victory…

The match ended with a draw: 0 – 0.

Next: extra-time… Once again, both teams were not giving away a single inch without a fight… No one was willing to lose!

There was only one option for both teams: WIN!!!

The extra time ended with another draw: 0 – 0.

Next: The Penalty kicks…

Each team had to go through the elimination process of 5 penalty kicks each…

The suspense reached new heights during the penalty kicks and the crowed was cheering for both teams.

The outcome: Gentzlerbirligi – Τιμωροί 4-3 (penalties)

Consequently, Gentzlerbirligi continued its success story and now packs its luggage for Athens and the National Finals.

The time for Athens and the National Finals:

The three teams, Θύελλα Λάρισας (from Larisa), Μπαρτζώκ (from Larisa) and Getsebirligi (from Volos), were the three teams that destroyed every opposition (in their respective age group) from every city of Central Greece and made it to the top.

Now, they are preparing for the National Finals in Athens, coming May. There, the top, the best teams, that won the Finals of each “Core Area” (for instance: Central Greece is one of these areas) will clash against each other!

There can be only one… only one team will become the best football team of all Greece!

… and the National Finals will decide which one that will be!

Finally, Volos Football Land was able to break all National records, regarding the number of teams participating in the tournament, for the third consecutive year…

That being said, we wish all three teams that won the Finals of Central Greece good luck in the National Finals!

Go guys!!!

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